Benefits of Using Data Encryption Technology to Secure Your Data

Encryption is the best way to scramble data so that just authorized parties will be able to understand information. In the technical terms, it’s a process to convert human-readable plaintext for incomprehensible text, called ciphertext. In easier terms, encryption takes the readable data & alters this so that it comes random, for more information visit privnote.

It is a free online service where you will be able to create many notes you wish to and you do not even need to create any account for this. You can just type the private message and set validity for your note. To encrypt the note, you may set the password and enter email address where you can get note destruction notification. When you create the note, it offers you the link to share your note.

Give are some reasons why you must adopt suite of the encryption technologies that will be highly beneficial to your company:

Affordable and effective

Pretty much each device or operating system that we use present comes with certain kind of the encryption technology. Android and iPhones phones come with different encryption functions built-in, and there’re plenty of encryption programs, which can easily be downloaded for no charge.


Improving your data confidentiality

Emails have sensitive information such as credit card details, bank details, proprietary data, and personally identifiable like names & social security numbers. The email encryption will prevent such information from falling in hands of the cybercriminals or nefarious actors. A few examples of the personal data threat include:

  • Application forms for the loans, employment, rental agreements, and more
  • Photos if your phone has any default setting that can embed location details
  • Tax return details and more

Increase customer trust

As said earlier, for many companies, encryption isn’t the mandatory regulatory need. But, businesses might want to use encryption for getting trust from the customers. As per the recent survey, around 53% of the respondents said that they were highly concerned about the online privacy than one year before.

Given erosion of trust we have seen, advertising a fact that the business is now conforming to some encryption standards can give you competitive benefit. In the same way, cryptanalysis means to find the weakness in cipher as well as exploiting it and cryptanalysis is likely to happen when there’s any flaw in a cipher itself. Make sure you give it a try now.