Know about the different custom wine racks in Singapore

Vinotemp, which provides a variety of styles, equipment, and finishes, has been a pioneer in the packing sector for over thirty years. The custom wine racks singapore floating prosecco racks, expandable wine racks, hanging wine racks, reconfigurable wine racks, ceiling metal peg wine racks, and ground metal wine racks are a few our custom wine rack projects.

List of the wine racks that Vinotemp provides:

Performance wine racks

Customers who prefer a modern, sleek look might find Vinotemp appealing. The containers seem to be floating inside the air while preserving a simple and understated look thanks to metal cable piling, ceiling wine racks, and frosted adhesive wine racks.

Wine rack kits in wood

Numerous modular wood wine decanter kits from Vinotemp can be set up to fit your space. This more conventional style of wine pallet racks is always in style, offers an affordable storage option, and has been widely used for many years.

Aluminum wine racks

Although they are typically wall-mounted, metal wine racks could also be suspended inside a wine cabinet. It is possible to add grips and straps to some metal wine shelves so that each bottle can be held firmly in place without damaging the label and the glass.

Business wine racks

Vino temp has produced commercial wine racks, closets, cellars, and refrigerators for restaurants, bars, guesthouses, resorts, and other establishments. People can make sure thatyour company has a wine storage system that is beautifully designed and will last for numerous years.

The cellar specialists can give you a complete, specially made wine cellar design whether you are looking for a commercial or residential space.