Astro turf leading the market of synthetic turf:

Astro turf is a leading brand of artificial turf for playing fields. The brand stays in the field with over 50 years from the time of creation in 1965 with a forward-thinking of bringing the best in the field of games with a kind of synthetic turf that will not get damaged and will stay for a long span without getting damaged.

Astro turf is continuously improving in the field with the system design to deliver a playing field with the sports- specific, sound player protection, durability that makes it last long and most realistic designed taking consideration of player protection.

The brand aims majorly on bringing a laser focus with an innovation system that brings a design that is closer to performance like that of natural grass in the most ideal way. There are varieties of grasses for every type of sports grass. A lot of team efforts goes behind creating an ideal design with special engineers that are ready to bring the best each and every time.

Artificial Grass Installation

In the year of 2000s where the market system started using an infill material including rubber and sad that could replicate the natural grass in the best possible way. There is a lot of maintenance and money saving that goes behind the reason of opting for synthetic grass as each time of a gameplay can bring damage to the grass but in case of synthetic grass, there is negligible or less damage to the grass.

The philosophy is to use more fibre with less filling. It is highly recommended to use a grass with a major element as fibre and to not go for rubber or sand filling. If one gets a grass with fibre there is no need to replace it in comparison to the infill grass that meets with a lot of wore out each day and the requirement of replacing it increases over a short span of time.

Look for less filling and more fibre every time, whenever you want to get your place artificial grass and make your place decorative and attractive.