Best Air Hammer Guide 2018 for House Project

Advance technology for tools and equipment are developed so fast to enable us to do our job faster and better. Time and quality, the two things matter the most to complete your every task. The air hammer is one of advanced technology in this era to help you accomplish your work with high speed and strength. This air hammer guide 2018 will explain a basic guideline for air hammer that uses for a housing project. There is three recommended sample on this list based on their performance.

  1. 5-Chisels M668 Air Hammer

This air hammer set consist of 5 chisels for a lightweight home project such as hole punching, repairs or exhaust work. These chisels are heat-treated, means to support the work with more heating energy for a better result. It is also included with air regulator and safety retainer, make it really safe to use in household condition. With a weight of around 2 pounds, it is a bit lightweight, and easier to change the chisels set. It could be a perfect option if you have a housing project for repairing or modification.

  1. 4-Chisels Air Hammer from Kobalt

A bit different from previous option, this air hammer only has 4 chisels. However, it is able to flow 5 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) to enable it to release 90 pressure per square inch (PSI). Another cool feature integrated power control and trigger control, built in futuristic ergonomic design. This air hammer guide 2018 recommended this as a good option to help you finish your house renovation or machine repair works.

  1. 4-Chisels DWMT70785 Air Hammer from DEWALT

The most interesting feature in this air hammer is shock absorbing, make it really convenient to use frequently. The aluminum structure builds an ergonomic body combined with easy trigger control. Integration of shock absorbent, easy trigger, and aluminum structure body enhance overall tools function.

  1. 3-Chisels 114GQC Air Hammer from Ingersoll Rand

Among the aforementioned air hammer, this is the best option for best ergonomic design. Although it only has 3 chisels set, this tool has an exciting grip with quick chisels change function. As one of product innovation from Ingersoll Rand, longevity and safety are something unquestionable. Barrel made from compact alloyed steel, and then the piston is a heat-treated condition for better speed, strength, function. Altogether with safety, and ergonomic factors are something to be considered in high value in this tool, which is really recommended for a lightweight house project.