Protect and Scan Your Site with AVG

While developing a website, every developer makes sure that the website is well protected. But as the website gets involved in Digital marketing, things become a little bit complicated. To promote the site on various platforms and to gain users, the markets opt touse various techniques and tactics. In addition, when a site is popular, multiple users visit the website which can potentially increase the risk of a security breach.

In such cases, the AVG website scanner can scan for various threats to the website and help you prevent data theft, and other possible threats to the website.

What is the importance of a website scan?

Scanning your site frequently to look for malware, hacks, viruses, and other issues is a very good option. It takes a lot to build an authentic and reliable website, but a simple and slight mistake can affect your website’s credibility to a huge extent.Website scanning can prevent the most common vulnerabilities for a website.

  • Site Hacking: As Hackers are getting more advanced today, it’s vital that site developers also have some strong and powerful tool in their hand. The scanning techniques will help developers understand which aspect of the site needs improvement.
  • avg website scannerSecurity Mis-configuration:This includes the issues in the database, framework, server,and the platform. If the hackers can get their hands on any of this information, they can manipulate the data according to their wishes. Regular scanning will help you identify such changes.
  • Broken Authentication: In this section, session management and website authority issues are concerned. Scanning will tell you if there are some unprotected authentication credentials needs to be secured. Thus, you will be able to prevent data loss from the website.
  • SQL Injection:It’s a very common website security issue. SQL Injection is a hacking technique used by professional hackers. They introduce some malicious code designed in SQL on the webpage and get access to the personal information of the website. But AVG website scanner can prevent this from happening. It will identify all the risks to the website and notify you to deal with the issues.

So, now, you can relax and work to improve your website. The AVG scanner will keep your website safe and secure. However,it’s up to that you scan the website more frequently otherwise the tool won’t be of much help.