Try To Create Your Own Travel Map

Enthusiastic travelers love to have their own travel map which will show the places they have visited so far by the way of push pin. If they have planned their visit perfectly, the push pin arrangement in the map itself can show a map within the map. Your friends visiting your home will be surprised and happy to see this kind of map hanging in your living room. You can visit their website to buy customized push pin map for you.

How to do the customization?

You can Create Your Own Map Pin Boards Art from their website. First thing you need to do is to select the map you want to buy. Once you have done that, next step is to customize the map to your likings. Some of the customizable options available for the clients is size of the map, you can choose small, medium big and extra big as per the place you want to hang the map.

Custom Push Pin Travel Maps

Next option is to choose is the type of canvas whether you like stretched one or the framed one. After this, you can choose the compass design and the color of the push pin. There are 6 different colors available with the company. Once you have done with all the customization, you can proceed to add the text you want to appear in the map and then you can checkout. Map prices starts around AUD 100 and varies based on the customization you choose. You can even buy additional push pins from the website.

Currently they have 3 different maps available in their website. One is Australian map, second is European and the last one is the world map. Based on the map, there are further sub types are classified and you can see them in their products section. You can go through all the products and if you have any query you can send email to their customer care straight from the product page itself which is easy to locate. It will be a nice gift to your friend or spouse who is an avid traveler and want to keep track of the places they have travelled. Some may want to have the map of locations they want to visit. Having a map hanging in their wall will be extra motivation to make the trip soon.  It will keep reminding them about their future plans.