A Beginner’s Ultimate Guide to Concrete Polishing

The factor that sets these differences among concrete floors is concrete polishing. This activity can be a tough job to get right, but rest assured that the results are worth it especially if you will be doing it right. This article will give you an ultimate guide to concrete polishing as a beginner.

Various types of polishing pads

Concrete polishing has to start with a relatively coarse, metal-bonded diamond, thus, finishing with a smooth one. A bonded diamond refers to a disc or shoe which contains diamond particles that are being embedded in plastic materials or metals. Grit refers to the coarseness of the diamond, and the higher the number, the smoother will the surface be when it gets finished.

Concrete grinding versus polishing

A process called “grind and seal” uses a coarse metal-bonded diamond pad for grinding, then seals the concrete with a chemical to make it liquid-proof. Although this still gives the concrete a smooth finish, it stands without the high-end architectural reflectiveness of a completed polished concrete. Concrete polishing, on the other hand, refers to a long process that is being designed to create a highly reflective surface for the concrete. This uses pads with a finer grit range while combining it with apply a densifier and a sealant to give a mirror finish to the concrete.

Preparation for polishing

Oftentimes, polishing is being done when the surface is dry. Although this is a very common method due to it being quicker and having less impact on the environment’s health, it may also be a lot less messy than anything else. While combating dust, you must use safety gear such as masks, safety goggles, earplugs, and protective clothing to ensure safety while doing the process. Opt to check if the machine that you will be using can get fitted with a dust collection system to lessen the build-up in the workspace.

Complete polishing process

If you opt to go for a highly-reflective finish, you will have to continue the process using several smoother diamonds. You might need to have a grit pad to finish the polishing process depending on how reflective you will want the concrete to be.

concrete polishing Finalizing the polishing steps

Once you get done with all the polishing process, you will have to vacuum off the dust and wipe down the surface with a dry cloth. Afterward, apply a coat of sealer which will then be an essential part of achieving a mirror finish.

If you don’t want to do all the work, make sure that you contact a reliable contractor to take full advantage of the experience. Thus, following the guide above will help you achieve a concrete DIY task.