How A Personnel Scheduling Software Works

An employee planning program helps managers plan their employees daily. Most employee planning programs assign jobs based on predefined templates that cover common planning formats. Templates can also be customized according to individual customer requirements, ensuring that all important business considerations and needs are taken into account.

After selecting the employee’s work schedule template, the user is asked to enter certain basic data, such as the number of employees available, employee hours, shift preferences, work roles, vacations, weekends, etc.

Once the data is entered, the program examines thousands of permutations and combinations among the available variables to prepare a preliminary work schedule for a given period of time. This pilot schedule is fully customizable; Owners and managers can make all the changes they want, ensuring that the final list is efficient and satisfactory for employees.

Time Clock Wizard

How to choose a planning program

Flexibility and ease of use are two main considerations when choosing a staff planning program through Time Clock Wizard. The software must offer a high degree of customization so you can refine every aspect of the final program. This includes the ability to enter and track various unprocessed data, including employee positions, skill levels, required hours, departments, call status, full-time or part-time work hours, etc.

The interface must be intuitive and understandable, and the basic information must be available in an understandable report. Pay special attention to the sharing features offered. Choose a software package that offers several download, login and email options. This makes it easier for employees to enter the system, verify their schedules and update their status on their own, which, in turn, reduces the manager’s workload.