How Barcelona and Real Madrid Get Caught In-Between of La Liga Tournament Clash

Strife between the Spanish league and its administering body has heightened to a point that the season’s starting date remains indistinct as we enter August. That isn’t the main game that Spain’s administering body has rescheduled either. They have demanded that all games that due to being played on Friday or Monday will be moved to Saturday or Sunday to satisfy the fans.

“Spanish football fans don’t need games, nowadays,” the RFEF said. “Particularly on Mondays, it is exceptionally hard for fans to appreciate the games.”

Luis Rubiales, leader of the administering body, further underscored the point on Twitter, sharing pictures of fans contradicting the previous announcement that “there will be no football on Mondays” in square capitals.

La Liga, in any case, contends that this position negatively affects their broadcast deals around the world.

“With this illicit direct, RFEF authorities are producing perplexity in the national and universal communicate space, which records for two billion euro in annual rights salary for La Liga,” said the association’s leader, Javier Tebas.

“These authorities have no clue about the results of their flighty demonstrations. This has no reason, nothing will change, this just makes confusion for others, which is the only thing they recognize to do”.


The Conflict Between Barcelona and Real Madrid

The continuous clash leaves Spain’s top trip in extreme chaos as the season approaches quickly, with a court hearing set for August 7 – only 11 days before Barcelona were intended to get the season in progress – to further discuss the issue.

La Liga disproves the RFEF’s view that they have a say in the tournament schedule, considering the progressions an ‘assault’, before including that they are “the main skillful association to set timetables and dates in the national expert football rivalry”.

All through the last season, the pair contested playing Spanish football abroad, with La Liga quick to profit by remote intrigue while the overseeing body said it needed to keep the best advantages of neighborhood fans on a fundamental level.

La Liga recommended that Girona’s home match with Barcelona be played in Miami 먹튀검증, following a concurrence with sports promotion company called Relevent, which included one league match season that will be arranged in the USA.