The differences between a dissolution of marriage (divorce), legal separation, and annulment explained in this post.

Also known as the no-fault divorce, the dissolution of marriage or the dissolution petition is not filed with the court until such both parties have reached an agreement about their issues which should be addressed in a proper divorce.

Usually, the result of having the dissolution of marriage and the divorce is literally the same where the marriage is completely dissolved or terminated.

To put it simply, the dissolution of marriage is the technical term of divorce. This happens when a couple who have been married legally where one or both of them goes through a process in the court to have their marriage terminated or dissolved legally. This usually orders about the alimony, the division of the properties and assets, the changing of their names, child custody, child visitation, and the support which are all part of a divorce process and solutions.

Divorce is a very hard and strenuous process that a couple who wants to separate have to undergo. Usually it is filled with emotions and drama, however, it is one of the most common cases that attorneys have to handle in court or sometimes they have to litigate these cases to prevent it from escalating to the court according to the best attorneys for divorce and dissolutions columbus oh has.

Usually, attorneys who specialize in family law are offering the couple a legal separation which is ordered in the court between the married couple. This is very similar to a divorce in which the court can make such orders that involves the finances and the children of the couple. However, after the court orders are already placed properly, the people remain married. This kind of instance happens according to religious beliefs that some countries have implemented. This way, the couple is legally separated, but their marriage has not been dissolved or terminated because they do not feel the right about divorce because of religion, they just do not want to be together again.

divorce and dissolutions columbus ohUsually, there are many people who want legal separation instead of divorce because they really mean that they want to get the court orders and start a new life that is completely separated from their spouse where they can make a decision later on if they want to file a complete divorce or not. There are also people that files cases by asking for both the divorce or legal separation where they can make a decision later on to which of the ones they have a final order to decide.

The court, however, has the final say if the couple has contradicting decisions where the husband or wife wants a legal separation, or the latter wants a divorce.

Annulment meanwhile, is a court order which is stating that the marriage between a couple has never existed in the first place. A lot of people have imagined that annulment is a surefire to have their marriage cut-off especially when they were just married for a short span of time. Usually, an annulment is only possible if the marriage is not entirely legal in the first place where the bride or the groom is underage or is already married to another person.