When Wisdom Teeth need to be Extracted

Everyone is afraid when they reflect on their next dental examination: to say that the tooth should be removed. Dentists and their assistants do everything possible to make our visits as enjoyable as possible, but preparing for tooth extraction is not an easy task.

One of the most common tooth extraction procedures is the removal of our wisdom teeth:

This is often necessary if they cause pain. Wisdom teeth usually reach late adolescence or early 20 years of age, and sometimes they can exist, like any other tooth in the mouth, when they are healthy and properly aligned. But, unfortunately, more often they end in displacement and require removal.

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It is important not to ignore the need to best dentist for wisdom tooth extraction singapore. If you do not take care of yourself, wisdom teeth can damage not only neighboring teeth, but also jaw and nerves. They can also cause other health problems, especially if a tooth is affected, that is, when it does not come out or only partially comes out of the gums. This can cause permanent discomfort, infection, and other conditions.

Your dentist or dentist may recommend removing wisdom teeth before any of the problems mentioned above occur. Although the procedure is often much simpler than you think, it depends on the condition of each patient.


At best, it will be reassured, and the tooth or teeth will be removed without problems, and will be on the way. But in more complex scenarios, for example, when the tooth does not cut through the gum, the dental surgeon will have to make an incision and often remove it into pieces.