Where to Find Reliable Singer in New York

Victoria Sorg-Murphy is one of the best vocal artists you can ever come across in New York.  She is many things rolled into one. Aside from being a great vocalist and a classical music singer New York, she is also a Jazz singer and an outstanding entertainer. She has wide arrays of song stylings that make her stand out from the crowd.  There are so many female opera singers in New York today, but rarely will you find any as talented as Victoria Sorg-Murphy.  Continue reading to learn more about this outstanding, talented artist.

A highly fulfilling career

Victoria Sorg-Murphy has indeed had a fun-filled and highly fulfilling career and she is still forging ahead into new things and scaling new heights.  She has had a rally busy concert career and had made a name for herself. Despite her undoubtedly busy career, she spares some time to teach and coach many aspiring artists in New York; this is just one of the many features that make this lady one of the best entertainers in the industry today.  Also, Victoria Sorg-Murphy still has adequate tie to produce a series of musical events in New York.

Victoria Sorg-Murphy can be considered a fourth-generation New Yorker; this means her great-great-grandparents were New Yorkers.  Her talent as a classical music singer New York has taken her to virtually all the NYC metropolitan area and she has also performed many times beyond this city.

Victoria Sorg-Murphy had been in the entertainment industry for over 40 years already and her vocal experience is simply incomparable to what you can ever find elsewhere.  Aside from being a female jazz singer, she is also a female voice actor and equally works as an actress; she is equally one of the best in this regard. Over the years, this outstanding lady has performed in various languages, like German, French, Italian, Spanish and of course the English Language.  She has a love for language learning also, which is yet another outstanding quality of this wonderful lady.

Call her for events

Whatever event you may have, you can call upon Victoria Sorg-Murphy to entertain guests at the events.  She is a talented and highly experienced stage performer and a real powerful opera singer with classical training.  She is an embodiment of all kinds of special performances and she is a well trained classical music singer.  Victoria Sorg-Murphy equally does voice-over works in the course of her career as an entertainer and actress.