4 Things your Food Bank Needs The Most

When you are giving food to a local food bank, make sure that you are stalking them with things that are essential to them. Food for donation in Singapore is like a ritual to people where they give something or the other to the food banks. Next time you are heading to the grocery, prepare a shopping list for donating to the food banks as well and these should be non-perishable items.

Things your Food Bank needs the Most

  1. Canned chicken

This is one simple toss to non-perishable items that can be converted into soups or casseroles or even you can add canned chicken to sandwiches or crackers. It is a lot of versatile and high protein content food.

  1. Apple Sauce

You can find plastic jars of sweetened applesauce that adds a quick snack and people seem to love the taste of it. It is full of fiber and Vitamin C and applesauce lasts long even on food bank shelves.

  1. Dried or canned fruits

Dried fruits in cups make excellent food choices for kids and it is a great lunch. Simple toss in dried fruits and you are done.

  1. Meals inboxes

Dinner gets easier with meal boxes having complete packages in one box. This is a plus point for those who love to stock their kitchens with things like pasta, soups, rice kits, etc.


Food for donation in Singapore is a noble cause so buy up things and give it as charity fulfilling other people’s needs and wishes.