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Jeans have been signified as a necessary item of clothing for many years. The 28th century was the time when Denim garments came into existence, that was the time when cotton production was ample. It gained importance due to persistence and its strength at that time it was built for laborers. The 20th century produced jeans as a trend of pop culture. Western cowboy movies represented people wearing blue jeans.Jeans is one of the unisex clothes wherein It Boys look good and feel comfortable กางเกงยีนส์ mc ผู้ชาย is one of the companies that create a quality lifestyle for Denim products. They produce different varieties of clothes for both men and women.

Special jeans are prepared by using fabrics that are getting import from Japan which is well known for denim clothes and manufacturing them.  We choose 16oz calico as our raw material.

Combination of Japanese culture and our culture you will get unique faded jeans that you can use

  • Limited Stocks

As the Jeans that we produce uses fabrics that are world-class. It is totally handwoven.

The most important thing that we produce only 99 items of any product that we make. Our products are not available in the open market of the world because we made these jeans only for those who are fascinated with Jeans.

  • Price worthy

People think why we charge so much price because we didn’t choose a material. In It Boy feel more comfortable. But we weave by hand by which our products are so neat.กางเกงยีนส์ mc ผู้ชาย have all different kinds of jeans.

  • Only Jeans In The World

Anyone who buys our products, make this pair of jeans as a favorite one. It is a work of art that we make through hand weaving and patience. Only pieces around the world.