How to Verify Your Skrill Account Fast?

While many people may be used to verifying their Skrill accounts through email, the feature is longer available. For that reason, it may be challenging, especially for new members to get their accounts verified. In this article, we explain all that you need to know about Skrill account verification.

How to Verify Your Skrill Account Fast?

Verification for Existing Customers

Existing clients have several benefits to enjoy. First, you do not need to have any money in your account to get verified. Second, you will enjoy a prioritized verification process. Here is what you will carry out the process:

  • Log in to your account and from the menu, choose “Upload Photos”
  • Choose your residence country and the account currency you prefer
  • Upload an ID document, which could be an Identity Card, driving license or a passport
  • Capture a selfie using your webcam or the Mobile App
  • Verify your address by uploading your preferred recent document such as utility bill or bank statement.

Having done that, your account ought to be verified and any limit removed with one business day although it can take even faster. However, you are required to upload only quality documents with clear and easy-to-read details. After you reach the needed transfer volume, you can simply use the VIP Upgrade form and upgrade to VIP.

eWallet – Optimizer customer and the Benefits

If you are a eWallent-Optimizer customer, you can verify your account by uploading proof of address, an ID and a selfie through your Skrill Mobile Application or webcam. It will take one business day to get verified. Additionally, as a eWallent-Optimizer customer, you will not require depositing any fund into the account for the verification process to go through.

What If I am not a eWallent-Optimizer customer?

If you are a regular customer but you are not a eWallent-Optimizer customer, the Skrill verification process requires you to undergo an extra step which can make the process more difficult and uncomfortable. So, you will need to deposit at least TEN EUR into your account to complete the process. Moreover, you will not enjoy prioritized verification, which might lead to the delayed process.

Final Thought

Honestly, everyone would like to enjoy fast and effective surfaces. No one likes experiencing delays. So, to ensure you don’t experience these hardships when verifying your account, we highly recommend applying to become a eWallent-Optimizer client. Besides a fast and easier verification process, you will as well enjoy other benefits every month and lower VIP requirements. Our personalized client 24/7 support throughout the year through Skype, email or Facebook will also come in handy. Visit our official website for more information.