The dream of most of us is to maintain maximum mobility and full independence for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, due to various types of diseases, injuries, and also due to age (life expectancy is steadily increasing), we lose fitness over time and are increasingly asked to help other people. Fortunately, modern medicine, in particular pain management beaverton or, one of its departments – rehabilitation, tries to meet our dreams and expectations. Thanks to physiotherapeutic procedures, it becomes possible to restore as much independence as possible to people who have suffered some type of injury, struggle with some kind of illness, or simply lost their former fitness as a result of changes that occur in the human body over time.

What are physiotherapy treatments?

Sometimes mistakenly identified with physical procedures, physiotherapeutic procedures are a wide range of activities, consisting of the impact on the human body with many types of stimuli, in order to elicit a specific reaction – strengthening muscle strength pain management beaverton or, restoring maximum joint mobility, etc. Classic physiotherapy activities are:

Kinesitherapy, i.e., movement therapy (exercises to relieve weight, with the weight of your own body or with individually selected loads);

Physical therapy, i.e., affecting the body with external stimuli, for example, electric current, light or ultrasound;

Medical massage;

Hydrotherapy, i.e., impact on the body with water, usually, it is pressurized water, sometimes water with an admixture of various types of active substances supporting regeneration or with nourishing or caring effects;

Manual therapy;

 Ergo therapy, i.e., occupational therapy and many others.

Advantages of physiotherapy treatments

The goal of physiotherapy is to trigger a specific body reaction. Most often, it is about rebuilding weakened, disappearing muscle structures, strengthening the human skeletal system, stretching the tendons, and restoring a larger range of movements within the joints. All physiotherapeutic procedures are therefore aimed at restoring physical fitness lost for various reasons,

The big advantage of physiotherapy is the direct involvement of the patient in the process of restoring him to full or partial physical fitness. Unlike other branches of medicine, in the case of rehabilitation, the most important is the patient’s personal involvement in exercises and various types of rehabilitation treatments. Thanks to high motivation, the patient can regain full or at least partial physical fitness and knows that he owes this to a large extent his own perseverance. Another important advantage of physiotherapy is the possibility of delaying or avoiding the performance of always risky surgical procedures. Thanks to the implementation of an individually selected set of physical exercises, combined with other types of physiotherapeutic procedures, orthopedic operations can be postponed, or you can completely opt-out of the need to perform them.