All of Breads kosher breads are KOF-Okay certified.

Bread of Life has a history of baking breads from Ezekiel 4:9 and Genesis 1:29 for health-conscious customers looking for the most nutritious kosher bread. The basic recipe for these loaves is taken from the Old Testament of the Bible. God showed the Jews how to make bread from sprouted grains for their food, and soon other food products were derived from the grains used to make sprouted grain bread.

These sprouted grain breads also contributed to the so-called kosher diet plan. In contrast to the biblical example, due to the development of the diet market and the tools used, diet companies must obtain Our Company from a reputable company before offering a kosher diet to their customers.

The function of the Our Company is to verify all components, present the kosher status of tools used in the product manufacturing process, and maintain the integrity of each component and tool. and organize a system to maintain the integrity of each component and tool. The certification company may also verify that dairy ingredients are used and that the products are made with the tools used to make the dairy products.

We remind our customers to avoid inadvertently mixing meat and dairy products. Under the guidance of rabbinical ministers with years of education and experience, they are able to address all the problems and issues that arise in the production process. Licensed companies, such as Nutrition for Life, are provided with a register of available raw materials, which details the raw materials that can be used in licensed KOF-Okay products.

A kosher certificate is issued for all licensed products. Meals for Life bakery product labels bearing the KOF-Okay seal must be submitted to the KOF-Okay office for approval prior to use, and Meals for Life locations are generally supervised by a qualified KOF-Okay-appointed kosher consultant to the company. Meals for Life locations are generally supervised by a qualified kosher consultant appointed by KOF-Okay to the company.

In addition to being kosher, all Meals for Life products are free of genetically modified ingredients. Meals for Life products are free of refined sugar, preservatives and synthetic substances. Meals for Life products are made from only natural, approved grains, so you can be sure you’re getting the best ingredients. Why not find the Meals for Life grocery store nearest you and eat a healthier, kosher-licensed bread?