Application of die casting in automotive industry

The emerging technology making the ways of manufacturing automobile parts faster and efficient. The automobile industry requires parts in different shapes and sizes with more precision.  The die-casting techniques make the industry easier in getting the parts in many shapes and sizes.

The metal used is to be considered as it needs to be strong, flexible, and malleable. Different metals are used as per the needs and its usage. The available metals that are commonly used in castings are aluminium, zinc, brass, zinc, lead, magnesium, carbon steel, tin, and stainless steel.

Automobile parts produced through die casting

The main application of casting in the automobile industry is vehicle manufacturing. The lists of parts that can manufacture using this casting process are given below.

  1. Chassis parts
  2. Transmission components
  3. Vehicle interior parts
  4. Air-Conditioning systems
  5. Brake systems and Hardware
  6. Fuel Intake parts
  7. Mechanical parts
  8. Parts of sunroofs
  9. Power steering systems
  10. Engine parts
  11. And more

From the statistics report, the forecasting of the automotive die casting company is also in the growing face. The sales of cars and commercial vehicles are the reasons for the market growth. Since there is a lot of complex structural components are required in the field of automobiles, it is necessary for new alloys and process technologies. The application and complexity of die-cast products are also increasing.

The three main metals that are highly used in automotive die casting are magnesium, aluminium, and zinc. Aluminium and magnesium are used in making important parts as they are light in weight and more flexible.

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