Best Durian Delivery Singapore; Have You Been Craving For Durian?

Characteristics of Durian fruit –

Durian, also known as the ‘king of fruits, is mainly found in tropical regions. The fruit is found in the Durian tree. These trees are very tall, around eighty to one hundred fifty feet. It has spikes on the outer covering. It is a large fruit weighing around one to three kilograms with a very strong odour. The fruit may look brown or husk green from the outside, and it is yellow inside or even sometimes red. If you have been craving for a Durian fruit recently best durian delivery singapore is at your service to fulfil it. 

Taste and odour –

What makes Durian so different and popular is its flavour and odour. The flavour of Durian seems like rich custard and almonds that delight your mouth. Because of the different species, the taste may vary. Some find it like cream cheese or sherry wine etc. The smooth pulp adds up to the taste and flavour. The smell of the fruit can bother people who are sensitive towards strong smell but otherwise, the smell is sweet. The flavour of this fruit is very tasty and is even used in many sweets. The fruit can be eaten in various ways according to the choice of the person. If you haven’t tried this delicious and amazing fruit until now, you shouldn’t wait any longer. You could easily get this delivered at your place by best durian delivery Singapore.