Factors That Affect The Cost of a Party Bus Service

Party buses have become more affordable in general these days. That is because the competition in the party bus services industry has become a lot difficult, and companies are trying their best to get an edge over their competitors. In this competitive market, the ultimate beneficiary is the customer who uses the party bus service on special occasions.

In this article, we will mention some of the biggest factors that affect party bus costs Chicago IL.


Just like every other business, party buses have their own season as well. These services see a sudden surge in their popularity and demand around the wedding and graduation season. That is why, if you rent a party bus in that season, you will have to pay a lot more money just for the hype. That is why clever people rent party buses in the off-season when the demand for these buses is really low, and party bus companies provide great money saving packages.

Size of The Bus

Another obvious factor which affects the price of a party bus service is size of the party bus. For example, if you rent a party bus with a seating capacity of 15, you will have to pay less than, let’s see, a party bus with the seating capacity of 50 people. However, if everyone is contributing to the overall price, you won’t see any increase in the per head costs no matter how large or small a party bus you are hiring.

Additional Features

In addition to the size and season, party buses can also vary in their prices depending on the features installed in them. For example, if you want an LED TV installed in your party bus, you will have to pay more money to get this extra feature. Same goes for other features like bar, restroom, dance floor, and so on.