Get the best quality seafood delivered at doorstep


Green Wood Fish Market has been supplying high-quality fish and meat from reputable sources since its inception and is the best seafood delivery singapore. They have always adhered to the company’s concept of obtaining only the highest quality food free of hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals. As the adage goes, “you are what you eat,” and we make sure that everything we offer fulfillsthe stringent requirements.

Seafood is a favorite.

There’s something inherently gratifying about eating seafood – the deep, rich umami that envelops the tongue after breaking through claws and shells is unrivaled in terms of flavor. Ultimately, the passion for seafood resulted in a goal to become a seafood supplier that delivers high-quality seafood to the table, from traditional favorites to unusual kinds that aren’t seen every day of the week. Fresh seafood is the most acceptable way to appreciate it, and it is the only way we will offer it.

Daily deliveries of the air-flown live and fresh seafood are delivered to the customers in refrigerated trucks. Given the long history of safe handling methods, you can be sure that your product will be fresh!

Located in Singapore’s Green Wood Fish Market, a renowned seafood supplier, Green Wood Fish Market provides fresh seafood delivery service at wholesale rates. A wholesale fish company with many years of expertise in capturing and delivering all types of live seafood is a great opportunity.

Greenwood Fish market is more than just a fish market

To ensure that you never run out of choices, they also stock the seafood beds with the freshest fish available. When you can’t find what you’re looking for in your local fish market in Singapore, you may come to this store for everything from considerable halibuts to the rare monkfish.

Fresh Seafood Prepared at Home

Reunite with family and friends to spend valuable time together while preparing meals with high-grade seafood products and supplies.Enjoy the wonderful fragrance rising from the kitchen while spending quality time with your family.