Time to break the olden rules of the stock market

The decision to invest in stocks is not a bad idea I would say. But your decision to do the investment without any expert advice is really a bad idea. There are many manipulation techniques that may make you to invest on the wrong side. Especially, while going for the stocks you can expect these manipulation techniques more from the stock promoters. So if you really want to invest in stocks it is better to get a legal guide for you. You need to learn about the dark pool index which is an important factor in your profits.Let this simple guide help you to get an idea about the investments.

What is dark pool index and why do you need it?

Usually they are considered as an alternative private exchange where you can get more anonymity in order to buy large stocks without nay questions. In addition they can provide the option of not revealing your identity till the trade is complete. So you need to take a look at the dark pool index which is directly responsible for your profits when you are into the stock market. In addition this index is considered to be a great factor which is responsible for the large or bulk purchase of the institutionalinvestors without even the knowledge of their involvement to other retail investors.

Online can help you

There are a numerous journals available in the market which often publishes the best stockoptions of the current month or half year. By following that list you will get a proper idea about the stocks and usually buying the large blocks of shareswhich is going to provide a bumper profit for you. Even the dow jones 30 is making more exposure and popularity status among the investors because of its authenticity.