All you need to know about individual seller account on amazon

Whether it is about shopping, selling or any other services, Amazon has always been among the top sites in the field of e-commerce. Amazon is known for its exceptional customer services, and business services. There is a wide diversification of products along with expected support. The user-interface provides customers and sellers a smooth path to complete their respective tasks. The platform has about 300 million registered consumers currently. It is hence a very good opportunity for the individuals who want to display, and sell their products using large market strategies. The reach is extremely big here as compared to local offline selling techniques. Initiating, continuing and getting the target sale of any item is nerve-wrecking. Generating income through selling on an online e-commerce website has a lot of benefits. Amazon is an excellent choice to achieve this purpose. The platform provides an individual seller plan and professional account for the sellers. The features, services and benefits differ from plan to plan. Here is all you need to know about the individual seller plan on Amazon. If the item to sell is not yet finalised and there is no full commitment towards the goal, individual plan amazon account will work. Let’s know more about it.

services and benefits

Individual plan amazon

Individual seller plans are perfect for newbies. Individuals or a start-up who wants to start small with a smaller investment on the platform should definitely go for this plan. People who want to test their interest in the segment or people who want to sell very limited products, this plan is best. There are no such fees for creating and initiating the account. The amount the seller has to pay is $0.99 on every sale he/she makes in their store. This fee has to be paid along with variable closing fees and referral fees. An individual seller plan, like anything else, has its pros and cons. An individual or a company can sell only upto 40 items per month. Services like Buy Box can not be made available while using this plan. Buy Box is a feature that facilitates products to get into carts automatically by the consumer. The products from restricted categories can not be made available for sale by the vendors under this scheme. Features that show reports of daily, monthly or yearly figures of revenue, sales and reach are not accessible here.