Effective Relationship Counselling Service In Thailand

Couples can face relationship problems before or after marriage. It is vital to resolve them timely if you want to save your relationship. Couples counselling helps people resolve conflicts and improve intimacy and communication. All in the Family counselling service in Thailand helps people by providing counselling for relationships.

The expert therapist and counsellor team use the Choice theory and Attachment theory of Dr. Gottman to provide a solution. Their methods help people see the results in 4-6 sessions only. They also provide the elongated length of counselling in grave matters or if the couple wants to work on their relationship a little more.

Type of counselling you can expect

  • There may be some cases where one partner would not be willing to attend the counselling. In this situation the experts can help you recognize the problem areas and work on yourself. It is advised to not force your partner or spouse to accompany you as it would only make things worse.
  • It applies to unmarried couples as well. It can help them strengthen their bond and improve their communication skills as marriage is a big decision. It will pave way for a healthy marriage in the future and reduce the upcoming conflicts that can happen.

Issues the experts will help in resolving

Some of the common issues that are addressed in such sessions include

  • The communication gap between the partners and unnecessary conflicts
  • Helping to establish emotional and physical intimacy
  • Understanding your partner better to see things from their perspective.

So, contact the All in family counselling if you want effective counselling for relationships.