Get The Best Electricity Discounts In Singapore

The need for a better electricity source is on the rise, so if you are thinking of switching from your old plan to a new one, now is the time. You can get better electricity rates and switch to the new plan in three simple steps. In this article, you will read about their environmental impact and electricity discounts.

 Impact on the environment

They aim to reduce the harmful impact of non-renewable energy on the environment by using green sources and reducing overall carbon emissions. They provide renewable energy sources that are easy to afford so they can benefit the people and the planet with their strategy.

Few electricity discounts you should avail

  • You can get the low rate of 32.20cents kWh, and their prices remain fixed with a $30 rebate on the card.
  • You can reduce the carbon emissions by adapting the plan of 37.20cents/kWh on up to a $30 rebate on the card and avail a microgreen kit.
  • You can sign up and get a $30 rebate with a Citi credit card.
  • The customers get an exclusive cashback offer of $200 if they use the Citi credit card.
  • If you use the recurring bill option on the UOB cards, you can get a rebate of $20.

They provide green energy sources at an affordable rate and discount for their customer, so they always have something to look forward to. You can avail of their offers and electricity service by switching the plans at the earliest.