Get To Know About The Money Remittance Service!

When it comes to international money transfers, the money Remittance Service place a premium on speed and security while keeping costs reasonable. The low fixed fees and intense competition exchange rates offer cost reductions for your company.

About Opal

Opal works with Singapore-based businesses to provide online payment, remittance, and money-transfer services so you can keep your business relationships strong. Small loans and unsecured personal term loans are among the numerous funding options we provide.

Benefits of getting Remittance services. 

  1. Safe and secure

As a MAS licensee, you can rest certain that we adhere to the strictest regulatory and legal regulations. You may rest assured that your cross-border wire transfers will reach their intended recipient safely and securely. To safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of your money Remittance Service, our services prioritize strong cybersecurity precautions, ensuring that your money is transmitted safely.

  1. Low costs

The rates are reasonable and easy to understand. You get exactly what you see. They are quite forward about our minimal fees so there are no unpleasant surprises for you. You would no longer have any problems transferring big sums of money worldwide.

  1. Competitive fees

It maintains low FX spreads so that our customers can realize from cost reductions. Online payment remittance services might save you up to 40% over traditional banking methods.

  1. flexible Microloans

Precision loans, also known by the acronym finance, are short-term, flexible loans for SMEs that can be approved in as little as 24 hours. Microloans are ideal for SMEs in need of quick cash.


Begin with the entire remittance services today and take advantage of the special feature of retaining a clear understanding and engaging in the appropriate services without any extra stress.