They must have tools in the kitchen by the tofu fans

The simple thing or the tool has a greater impact on life. the most machine makes life to be stress-free by reducing the work and making it possible to complete the work much quicker. One such piece of equipment is the tofu press. though it is a simple tool it can make greater bring the most amazing flavor to the tofu. The use of the press is sure to make the tofu to be more delicious. People who even do not like to consume are sure to have them without fail.

What is the press used for tofu?

This is the simple device that is used to take out the excess o moisture present in the tofu block. This process will make the tofu have a better texture. This in turn will enhance the taste of the dish and also make it possible to provide a varied range of meals using them.

tofu press

What is press best suitable for?

In the case of using the press, it would be good to opt for an extra firm form of tofu. The block of tofu has to be held upward to squeeze them. The soft tofu will be broken during this process. In the case of the firm and the extra firm form of tofu will withstand the pressure that is created by the press.

The water that is extracted using the pressing need to be drained out. The block of tofu needs to place in the press by balancing the press in the right way which is usually upright toward the plate. Keep turning the screws till the water is squeezed out well.