Things You Need To Know About Pilar Utama Transindo

Logistics provide the business with the facility to transport their manufactured good or to get the required raw materials. Pilar Utama Transindo is a well-known name in the logistics industry. They are third party truck providers and offer customised logistics services to both companies and individuals. They have constantly grown over the years.

Ordering the services

For ordering the services you need to contact their CS, to get to know the pricing and availability details. You can either call them it contact them through WhatsApp


They offer cargo and other transportation services. Their target customers are the corporate giants. The services which they provide are listed below:

  1. Renting trucks: This is their main area of service, it allows the users to rent trucks to transport goods and cargo anywhere within the city and across the islands as well.
  2. Shared cargo: This service will allow users to deliver goods and cargo over 100kg of weight without bearing the expense of a whole truck. The users can share a truck and save some money.
  3. Transporting moving goods: This service makes it easier for the users to transport moving goods like furniture and electronics quickly and safely.
  4. Retail: This allows users to transport small packages to different people in Indonesia.
  5. Warehousing: This feature allows users to store their goods before their delivery.



The company has grown quite well but still lacks in making the ordering process more efficient and pricing is also quite high when compared to its competitors.