Shubhodeep Prasanta Das: The Driving Force Behind Hylife Group’s Rise

Shubhodeep Prasanta Das started Hylife Group, a private sector leader in Chiang Mai, Thailand. To become the region’s business leader, the company has been recognized for its excellent achievements and has received various honors, including the renowned CEO Thailand Award.

The Hylife Group’s Vision for the Private Sector in Chiang Mai

  • Hylife Group’s founder and CEO, Shubhodeep, has been essential in the company’s growth and success. Shubhodeep has developed a firm that has become a model for business success and leadership via his enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Hylife Group operates in several industries, including real estate development, hotel, retail, and healthcare. The firm has a significant presence in Chiang Mai and is well-known for providing high-quality goods and services. Hylife Group has established itself as a reliable brand in the region by focusing on client happiness.
  • The CEO Thailand Award is a renowned honor bestowed upon extraordinary individuals who have demonstrated remarkable leadership, managerial abilities, and commercial acumen. It honors the hard work, commitment, and vision of entrepreneurs who have made major contributions to the country’s economic progress.
  • This honor is a tribute to Hylife Group’s constant dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Hylife Group has had a considerable influence on the economic growth of Chiang Mai as a corporation that specializes in real estate development, hotel, and renewable energy. They have generated employment, invest in infrastructure, and contributed to the well-being of the local community.
  • Shubhodeep Prasanta Das is a well-known public speaker as well as an outstanding software engineer and entrepreneur. He has given speeches on a variety of themes such as software development, entrepreneurship, and innovation. His speeches are regarded as interesting and instructive, and he has spoken at several technology conferences and meetups across India.

Finally, Shubhodeep is a well-known software engineer, entrepreneur, and public speaker. As the founder and CEO of Hylife, he has made substantial contributions to the software business and demonstrated excellent leadership. Many people in the computer world have been impressed by his experience, knowledge, and passion, and he serves as a role model for aspiring software engineers and entrepreneurs. Visit to learn more about Hylife.